George Floyd Memorial Fund

God's Kitchen of Michigan is honored to establish this Memorial Fund in the name of Mr. George Floyd. All contributions will be used to provide FREE dinners to struggling individuals and families in West Michigan. According to Feeding America, "African American households face hunger at a rate more than twice that of white, non-Hispanic households. And getting enough to eat is a consistent struggle for 1 in 4 African American children." Your help is urgently needed.

Mr. Floyd died on May 25, 2020, after being apprehended by police, as seen in a video that quickly spread across the nation, prompting over a week of demonstrations against police violence and racism.

At George's first memorial service on June 4 in Minneapolis, one of his brothers reminded us of how the family struggled with hunger. "Banana and mayonnaise sandwiches were a staple in our household." We can relate as many of our food-insecure individuals and families struggle with hunger daily.

How Can I/We Help? Your charitable and tax-deductible donation will be used to buy, prepare, and serve hot and nutritious dinners on behalf of George Floyd.

"Jesus Christ said, "Feed My Sheep," (John 21:17). This is your opportunity to fulfill his edict while simultaneously honoring the memory of George Floyd.

To make your contribution, click on the PayPal DONATE button below and submit your love gift online, or send a check or money order to

God's Kitchen of Michigan

c/o George Floyd Fund

P.O. Box 2632

Kalamazoo, Michigan 49003.

Thank you in advance for your charitable contribution. God bless you.

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