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We Need

Welcome to our We Need page.

Often times our soup kitchen is contacted by kind souls and corporations who are interested in donating resources such as plates, cups, utensils, etc. If you would like to donate, select one or more of the items below, and contact us at (269) 615-8080 to arrange delivery or pick-up.

Thanks in advance for your donation. God bless you.

Hinged Plates.jpg
3-Compartment Hinged Lid Containers - Sa
Large 3-Compartment
Hinged Containers

Located at Sam's Club

or Gordon Food Service

200 Cutlery Packs - Sam's Club.jpg
Cutlery Packets
Sam's Club
Gordon Food Service
Gordon Food Service Cutlery Packs.jpg
Plastic Cutlery at Sam's Club
600 Plastic Forks - Sam's Club.jpg
600 Plastic Knives - Sam's Club.jpg
600 Plastic Spoons - Sam's Club.jpg
Napkins & Paper Towels
Sam's Club Napkins.jpg
Sam's Club Paper Towels.jpg
We Accept Gift Cards
Donate a Gift Card and We Will Buy Supplies on Your Behalf.
Gordon Food Service Gift Card.jpg
Meijer $50 Gift Card.jpg
sams gift card.jpg
Walmart $50 Gift Card.jpg
Sam's Club and Walmart Gift Cards work at both retail locations.
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